The Give a Duck Community

A gentle space for health care advocates to support and encourage each other.

Why Join Give a Duck?

Here is what I'm offering you in the Give a Duck Community:

  • A members-only space created to gently support each other in the health advocacy world. 
  • I personally will be active and will regularly post essays, host live stream events, and more.
  • The unique, high-quality content is tailored to members' needs, including posts, courses and events about topics like patient/staff engagement, storytelling and advocacy.
  • Peace and civility... as part of this member-only network, you will be spared the targeted toxic flow of posts that is common with social media sites.
  • No ads. No trolls. No algorithm.
  • A members-only vibe - it's where the kool kids connect to talk about the change in health care we want to see.
  • The Give a Duck community has been built on my own values. I believe in COVID precautions, public and accessible health care, health systems being accountable to the people, and the power of partnerships between patients, caregivers and health care professionals.  If your own values don’t align with these, this might not be the place for you.

About Give a Duck

Give a Duck is a reference to my book Ducks in a Row and its illustrated ducks. In the book, I've tagged 34 actionable ideas with a duck illustration. When you Give a Duck, you are contributing ideas to make health care a more healing place for us all.

About Sue Robins

I'm an author, speaker and health care advocate. This is my supportive space for health care advocates from anywhere in the world, in any role, to connect and learn from each other.

Why Do We Have Subscription Plans?

We have four subscription plans - including free 30-day trials and a no-cost option. Give a Duck is administered by Sue Robins and her partner Mike Waddingham. We are independent and do not accept grants from organizations like governments or pharmaceutical companies.  

This approach ensures we keep our independence and can support advocates - you - without conflicts of interest.

We charge subscription fees because:

  1. We want to ensure a high-quality experience on this site. To achieve this, we need to pay our small team to create engaging content and courses, and to cover the cost of professional services like graphic design.
  2. The Mighty Network platform used by Give a Duck has monthly fees.
  3. We compensate speakers and writers! We don’t believe that people should work for free.

If you are unable to pay for a subscription, we have the Ducks Equity Plan for $0/month, no questions asked! 

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Questions? Email Sue and Mike at [email protected]